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'With the extensive learning experiences and professional development . . . I am ready for the business world.'Shakila Albert, Student, LCBMIT

'The ABP Postgraduate Diploma programme I studied at LSM Business School has enriched my skills and knowledge. I became familiar with modern business practices, which I believe will enhance my career prospects as well as preparing me for an MBA in Project Management studies.' Mr Hani Serhan, LSM Business School

Benefits of the ABP Approach to Students

  • ABP qualifications reflect the latest occupational standards
  • The ABP approach offers students a fantastic learning experience where they can build a portfolio of work
  • Learners have a greater variety of ways to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to employers and universities through a variety of assessments
  • Learners can enrol on courses tailored to the needs of their job market
  • ABP qualifications are developed by experienced academics and professionals
  • ABP’s approach means that students will not have to wait for up to six months hanging on for the next opportunity to re-take an external assessment
  • ABP currently has several university progression routes which are available to ALL eligible holders of the relevant ABP qualification.

Name: Md. Iqbal Hossain

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Study centre: BiMS

Progression: Career and MBA

“I was attracted to this course because it offered flexibility and was dynamic with updated course materials. I become familiar with business strategies, HR policies, HR development and planning, organisational management, personnel management, labour law etc., all of which are tremendously helpful to become more active and dynamic at my work and to upgrade my career path.

I am now studying Commonwealth Executive MBA beside my job as Assistant Manager at Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Ltd.- an association of Camellia Plc, UK.
The ABP course materials are helping me to easily understand the subjects of my on-going MBA program and gaining the knowledge to further support me to develop my career pathway.

I would advise those considering enrolling for an ABP qualification that they should carry on as it will definitely help in their career development.”


Name: Iman Ali

ABP qualification: Diploma in Human Resource Management

Study centre: BiMS

Progression: Career

“This course is very interesting and I enjoyed learning about HRM. I am now working with World Vision Bangladesh, an international NGO supported by Switzerland. I am working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. I feel this diploma was very helpful to my career.”


Name: Khadga Bahadur Katuwal

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Study Centre: North West College Reading

Progression: Planning to progress to an MBA

“I was attracted to the ABP programme because to plan and manage resources, understand an effective role model of leadership and change management and actions are the key parts to the success of a business in the present competitive context. The ABP programme/modules in business management focused on business strategy and how to successfully manage a business. I am now looking forward to doing the MBA Top-Up Degree from a UK university.”


Name: Fathima Suwfia Cegu Isadeen

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Study Centre: Oxford College International

Progression: MBA University of Wales studied through London School of Business and Finance.

“The ABP programme offers in-depth understanding of a vast area of business in less duration. The assignment only scheme is really good for postgraduate study.
I am now doing an MBA General Pathway. I have got exemption for 3 Core Modules and 2 Elective Modules so that I had to do only 2 Core Modules and an Elective for the entire MBA course.

To those starting on their on ABP qualification my advice is to gain the maximum knowledge because it will ease the stress of MBA assignments. My lecturers were awesome during my ABP programme and I learned the best from them.”


Name: Muhammad Arsalan

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma In Business and Marketing Strategy

Study centre: London School of Marketing

Progression: MA Marketing Anglia Ruskin University

“I have had a very good experience studying an for ABP qualification. It’s a good chance to set your goals and share your ideas about business.”


Name: Bobby Vasudevan

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Study centre: Essex College - Wembley

Progression:MBA University of Wales

“I already had an accountancy qualification and wanted to have a management discipline which I identified as a need when I worked as an assistant accountant with 25 staff under me. (I chose this course because) basically it is flexible, the assessing methods and the modules are very practical. Therefore you are very comfortable with the modules. It was also very helpful to get university admission as advanced entry. I had to complete only 2 modules and a dissertation to get my MBA and so it was cost effective as well.”

What advice would you give those who are just starting or considering enrolling on an ABP programme?

“If you start with a vision far beyond, it is the right decision for your career. Flexibility, cost effectiveness and practicality of modules are key features."

Name: Dhammika Prasanna Gunasekara Ekanayake Mudiyanselage

ABP qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management

Study Centre: Oxford College

Progression: MBA University of Wales

“This PGD helped me to gain an MBA advanced entry in a short period . For students wishing to gain a Masters it is best to choose a reputed awarding body, such as ABP, since it is well recognized by other institutions.

All the ABE awarded certificates for qualifications operated by ABP follow the same format and include high specification print and security features:

ABE Level 7 Extended Diploma sample qualification certificate

ABE Level 7 Extended Diploma sample credit certificate

Background Information

The Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) offers a range of accessible business-related programmes from short courses to longer postgraduate qualifications.

The content of our qualifications has been developed by leading university academics and industry professionals. They are designed to be highly relevant to the workplace and to offer a fast affordable option to those wishing to gain to a related Masters degree.

ABP is not a training provider - we accredit and develop qualifications that you can take with colleges, training providers and employers worldwide.

  • To provide high quality, affordable qualifications which address the needs of employers, training providers and teaching institutions.
  • To provide individuals with opportunities for personal and professional advancement.
  • ABP seeks to develop long-term working relationships with any employer or educator who wishes to unlock the potential of their learners.

ABP has developed a suite of qualifications in partnership with ABE, available to any centre which meets our approval criteria, in a variety of subject areas and at a range of levels.

Each of our qualifications reflects the very latest industry or occupational standards and are designed to meet the latest demands of industry.

Our dedicated team of syllabus and assessment writers include highly qualified, experienced university academics, many of whom also possess significant industrial experience.

Furthermore, our qualifications are based on the eight levels of the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework

ABP provides a personal service. Programmes are internally assessed and externally verified and they can be delivered using any method appropriate to learners’ needs.

ABP is guided by five key principles that underpin our commitment to provide high quality qualifications. These are to be:

  • Responsive - in an increasingly volatile business environment, we understand the necessity of reacting quickly
  • Flexible - we develop qualifications that can be adapted to meet the latest industry demands
  • Affordable - we are a not-for-profit organisation, our fees are kept to a minimum without compromising quality
  • Innovative - we take pride in being known as an organisation that regularly develops new products and resources in response to market needs
  • Reliable - we are dedicated to offering a consistently high level of service

What is the ABP learner registration fee?

Firstly, please note that ABP do not directly charge learners so you will need to enquire at your college.

At the start of study for an ABP administered qualification, your college will register you with ABP and pay ABP a learner registration fee.

This ensures that your details are held by us and we have evidence that you have embarked on a course of study for the qualification. We need this in order to issue you with a certificate when you successfully complete the programme.

ABP cannot advise the fee structure of our approved Centres – they set their own fees.

Do I register with ABP as a learner?

No, you simply register with the college you wish to study at.

Will registering for an ABP programme automatically get me a UK student visa?

No, if you wish to study in the UK from overseas, you need to ensure that both you and the institute you wish to study at meet the UK government criteria. Click here to visit the UK Border Agency website for full details.

On our college search facility we have included whether a provider has a current license as a guide but please bear in mind that this is subject to constant change and it is important to double check with the college.

Do learners receive ABP membership cards?

ABP is not a student membership body and therefore do not issue membership cards / I.D.s etc.

How do I know if I have been registered?

You will receive a confirmation email from ABP when your registration has been completed. It is important that your college register you within one month of your course start date to avoid delays to the certification process.

To be fully registered, your college must:

a. Submit your name for registration
b. Provide us with your registration fee

If you have not received email confirmation of your registration, contact your college and check they have an up-to-date email address for you and that your name and registration fee has been submitted to ABP

If you have spoken to your college and still have not received the registration email please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What happens if my college fails to register me?

We will not have any evidence of you having studied for the qualification and this could delay or jeopardise your certificate at the end of your studies.

If you have received an email from ABP confirming your registration, then you can be assured that you are registered with ABP.

What happens if my registration fee is paid late?

As soon as you start your course, your college or training centre must register you with ABP. If you do not pay your registration fee you will not be registered on time. This may jeopardise the opportunity to take advantage of progression routes and you could even miss the admission dates for university.

Similarly, if you are registered by your college at the end of your course rather than the beginning, you will not be able to get your qualification certificate straight away because we may need to quality assure your work and we also expect a period of time between registration and certification as part of our process to ensure students have completed the guided learning hours needed to successfully achieve the learning outcomes.

What happens to my ABP registration if my college closes and I have not completed my studies?

It your college does close please be reassured that your ABP registration can be transferred to another ABP college.

If we have received the registration fees we do not charge a further registration fee but your new college may charge a fee for its services. If we have not received your registration fee we will charge an equivalent ammount.

The lifetime of any student registration is for 5 years. Whilst a programme with ABP would normally be achieved in any period up to 18 months, personal circumstances may delay or interrupt student learning and/or achievement. The registration period thus includes a consideration of the personal circumstances that might thus affect student progress.

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